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Trail Hog Ultra-10K

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My running buddy L. dared me yesterday to sign up for a trail half marathon. And the race was today. Of course I took the bait and found myself this morning at a top of a hill waiting to start a half marathon.
My friend turned up as well and all was good and we started…

The elevation difference over the first 4 miles or so was 826 feet on trails in the blazing sun. My body said that though my feet could do it it wouldn’t cooperate. I turned off at the 10K turn-off and let L. complete the half marathon (a total elevation difference of 1740 feet). That turned out to be a smart choice on my part. I finished the 10K (which was an Ultra-10K as it was 6.7 miles!) and received my medal and happily waited in a short line for a massage. The food was awesome. Actually the whole race was very well organized. And they served ice-cream. What more would I want?

The scenery was beautiful. And I would certainly run the 10K again. Anyway, L. finished the half marathon only to find out she received the same medal as I did. She wasn’t too impressed.

Here are some pics.







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One thought on “Trail Hog Ultra-10K

  1. The photos are beautiful; and the medal is cool: well done!

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