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Nike+ sucks once more!


I don’t understand how Nike gets things wrong again and again with their Nike+ site. Shouldn’t they get their best people on the job of making sure the site and apps works properly?

I received my Nike Women’s Half Marathon registration confirmation today (YEAH!). In the email (sent to me directly by the way – this becomes the point of irritation…), Nike advertises their new training and update app for this event. Great. I want in! To get to the training app that may or may not share updates on the event as well, I am asked to sign in with my Nike+ login details. Seems easy, right?? Especially since I have been a Nike+ member for several years.


Apparently, my Nike+ credentials are not matching my registration. Nike peeps, here is a hint: you sent me an email with the race registration and guess what? That’s the same email that is linked to my Nike+ account. What else do you want from me to log into your app???

Yes, I am frustrated, because the DENIED message tells me to go to the FAQ to find out how to link my registration with my Nike+ account. If only I could get information on the FAQ page. Absolutely nothing on the FAQ page to help.

So, here I am not able to link my Nike Women’s Half Marathon registration with my Nike+ account and with absolutely no help from Nike to resolve. Yes, frustrated once more by Nike!



Author: tatjana.k

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4 thoughts on “Nike+ sucks once more!

  1. Shame, Nike is such a big name!

    • Yup. I think any company that is using email marketing should ensure that they are sending their offers at the right time. If they know that it will take a week to sync a registration with an account (like in my case, Nike knew it – they said so in the response email), I wonder why not wait that week, send out the app offer when it’s actually available to your email audience. Since I work in online marketing I get very frustrated when things like this are not thought through.

  2. That’s pretty poor, and extremely frustrating!

    • Totally. I sent them an email (I was nice!) and asked whether they could sync my account with my registration and they did reply. It will take a week for that to happen… We’ll see whether that happens, But to be honest, I have no more interest in the app… Funny how this goes.

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