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1000 miles


Woah! 1000 miles!

Well, I did say I would run 500 miles more back in May last year. LOL. And I finally did it. 20130911-194126.jpg

Training has been going very well and I am getting close to my pre-foot-fracture time. I logged over 70 miles in August, which is pretty awesome and I can run 10min/miles again (at least at track). With two half marathons ahead of me this fall that’s all good news.

Shouldn’t forget about hill training. Both races, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and the US Half Marathon, San Francisco, have some pretty and darn steep hills. I am super excited about running across the Golden Gate Bridge. So far, I have driven across, cycled across and walked across, but this will be my first run across. YEAH! Hence, the next 500 miles are just around the corner (or something…).

And I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more

~ The Proclaimers


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2 thoughts on “1000 miles

  1. Congrats on the HUGE milestone!

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