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NWM Preview Run


putting on a brave face before the run

putting on a brave face before the run

First of all there were no snakes (and I never mentioned that we saw one wriggling its way through the running trail at the Trail Hog race the previous week and my running buddy L. jumped up 6 feet…).

But we had an adventure nonetheless. Our Team in Training coaches totally missed to remind us that it’s always cold in San Francisco and coming from the South Bay Area you will need an extra layer of running clothes. So as I opened the car door, about to take off my long-sleeved jacket, the wind hit my face and so did the cold. Car door slammed shut and the jacket stayed on. I was crying for ear muffs and gloves.

So we took some brave photos in the cold wind to announce our impending run to the whole world via Facebook and waited for our run start. Our coach gave us last instructions on where to run and where not to get lost, but missed to tell us that it’s uphill both ways… This was our Nike Women’s Marathon preview run. We ran 10 miles of the actual course to be well prepared for the race. Well, I have run NWM a few times before and just enjoyed the scenery again – and the reminder that it can be COLD on race day!

On the way out (uphill), we had some awesome views of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t get to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the clouds very often (bar the time you see on my blog header – a lucky shot), so I loved the beautiful views:

At our turnaround point we saw a tiny little glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.


a tiny glimpse

We just knew the great view would just be around the corner, so off we went, a little rogue, straying from the designated course. Luckily, I was well prepared for an adventure off-course as I just had a coaching event the previous day about “making your own rules”. Who would have thought this learning came in so handy this fast. LOL. Less than a quarter-mile after the official turnaround point, we were offered this great view of the bridge. It would have been a shame to have missed this photo opportunity as we traveled already so far (remember, all the way from the South Bay… LOL).

Here is our “running rogue” victory photo.


On the way back (uphill again), the aid station was already packed up. No more peanut butter pretzels for us there. We made it back to the starting point and caught up with the rest of the team by the ocean. You saw the happy team photo already. But before that photo happened, I briefly braved the waters by myself. Yes, it was crazy cold!


I don’t want to leave you without my second favorite photo of the run. A beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.



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6 thoughts on “NWM Preview Run

  1. Beautiful pictures! It’s can be so cold in SF, especially near the bridge, Im hoping for some lucky good weather on race day 😉

  2. You are brave in that cold…… great pictures!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks cold- like here! Your pics are great, and the race sounds like a toughy!

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