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Drag-N-Fly Ultra-10k


Sandy trails it is. My new running love. My second race of the year was also my second trail race. It was another Brazen Racing event somewhere in the California mountains. You know you are hooked when you get up at 5am to go run somewhere, where you know it’s not going to be a PR race and you really have no clue where in the world the race really is. You trust your GPS to take you there (beware of Google maps…).

The Drag-N-Fly was in Contra Loma and Black Diamond Mines Regional Park and, though not quite as pretty as Mount Hamilton where we ran the Trail Hog race two weeks ago, it was another beautiful run. Well, actually a crawl mostly. A 640-feet elevation difference. Not for the faint-hearted.

My iPhone was doing some goofy filtering (darn that new iOS 7 upgrade – I fixed it now), but I love the pics anyway.

This is the view just before we reached the highest point of the race.



The trails were well-marked. I really love the Brazen racing series. I am eying another race in December right now. October and November are already dedicated to road half marathons. Anyway, getting back to the marking on the trails. We LOVED this one. You can kind of see how the path leads UP again…


Again, it was an Ultra-10k. The official distance was something like 6.61 miles. I am going to start calling them 11k races. LOL. No records were broken or actually they were. About 3 minutes faster than two weeks ago at the Trail Hog race and my running buddy L. was 7 miles smarter and only ran the 10k this time.

Our well-deserved medals after the run.


No snakes on the trail this time. LIKE! Another reason to love the Brazen ultra races – if the medal is not yet enough for you – is the food they have at the finish line. My top 3 non-traditional post-race treats:

  1. Ice-cream
  2. Watermelon
  3. Oreos

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3 thoughts on “Drag-N-Fly Ultra-10k

  1. I love your pics!

  2. Looks like a fun face, and awesome photos!!!

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