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My top post-race treats


The last few races and runs showed me that I still have a lot of post-run treats to explore. The Brazen trail runs introduced watermelon, pineapple, Oreos and ice-cream to my list of new favs.

My current top 3 list looks like this – and believe me that this list may look totally different in a few weeks.  Being around a new team introduces me to all sorts of new discoveries (like Skittles instead of GU…).

Fav #3: Taffy

I just had to include this after our recent trip to Monterrey. My running buddy L. went kind of crazy overboard in the taffy shop. Which one is your favorite flavor?

Fav #2: watermelon

In lieu of a photo of fresh watermelon – oops – I am using this one.


Fav #1: ice-cream

Granted, this one will be a tough one to ever not top this list. Did we go overboard this Saturday in Monterrey? Probably. But it was all worth it!



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2 thoughts on “My top post-race treats

  1. Everything looks delicious! I have a bad habit of snack shopping at Trader Joe’s after a long training run, and I end up buying EVERYTHING in sight that looks tasty..which is like the whole store!

    • Isn’t it sad and fun at the same time? I was chatting to my running buddy yesterday about how we keep putting on weight during running season… That reminds me, I have to stop at Trader Joe’s at some point. 🙂

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