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NWM race day


I did it!
Nike Women’s Half Marathon #3 completed in freezing cold weather.

Before the race:


After the race:


With firemen giving you Tiffany ‘s necklaces you can’t really go wrong with a race.



Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | seeking adventures in everyday life

8 thoughts on “NWM race day

  1. Congratulations! I’m STILL feeling those hills in my legs πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations! Were those hills great, or what? SO many people. A little too many for me.

  3. Firemen who give you Tiffany β€˜s necklaces? MUST.RUN.THIS.RACE!! πŸ˜‰ Congrats!

  4. Well done!

  5. You Did It!! Congrats Tatjana. You haven’t got over the habit of capturing before and after πŸ™‚

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