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The Tiffany’s of Chocolate

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Maybe you just need to use a Tiffany-blue color (with a little hint of green) to make things look exclusive, special, desirable? Or maybe you lay out your store like an exclusive jewellery store? Maybe you just make the most exquisite chocolate?

While in Brussels, we found this beautiful chocolate store, Patrick Roger Chocolate. The store looks just like an exclusive jewellery store including the blue colors and the blue lighting and doesn’t seem at all a chocolate cuisine store.  A large stone table is the center of the room with chocolates sitting only at the very far end lit up by beautiful lighting. Large pumpkins, which really are sculptures made out of chocolate give the room a fall flavor.

The chocolates are just a charm. They are a piece of art in itself. Best is if you check them out on the Roger Patrick chocolate cuisine page. No, really, go and look at it! It’s art.

We carefully select a few pieces. Thyme, jasmine, verbena and many other herbs are used to make this one of the finest chocolate. The price reminds you of a Tiffany’s store as well. So the question now becomes: when do you eat your finest chocolate? Maybe with one half marathon behind me and another coming up this weekend I deserve this after all!


Author: tatjana.k

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