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In London

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I spent the last couple of weeks in London for work which felt like traveling back in time (like 9 months). The weather was cold when I left in February and I was wearing the same winter coat. But I must have hit the most beautiful fall weeks though, the weather was cold, but awesome with lots of sunshine.

My walk to our office was along the river Thames and the reason why I felt like traveling back in time was that our office is in Richmond which is where I lived before I moved to sunny California. This was the view on my walk in the morning:

You can see I made a new friend. LOL.

My room in the hotel (the Petersham Hotel – I can highly recommend it!) was pretty nice too and since Kate Winslet stayed here before, I like to think of my room as the one she stayed in. The view from the balcony was great too.

It felt pretty special being back in one of my old home towns seeing my local friends. I loved the visit, but can’t say that I miss London too much. But I do miss the conversations with my friends, so I can’t wait for teleportation to happen. 🙂 And until then, I remember the bratwurst, mulled wine and dancing at the Winter Wonderland with my dear friend.



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