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What a year it has been!
What a year it has been!

What a year it has been!

I was going to call this blog post “life in the fast lane” and then I realized I have been picking the slow lane on the highways as drivers in Silicon Valley are insane and I better get out of their way… I am digressing already without having started the post really… Oops…

So, yeah, 2013. What a year!

Walking in the mud at bottom of Box Hill

The year started off great with a job offer in sunny California and as I prepared to leave London I broke my foot. What an irony. But life just works out one way or another, so with an unplanned rest I arrived in California ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Maybe the not able to run thing worked out for the best. I had to start slow. I easily adapted to my new job, the new company, the new work colleagues. I used to get out and explore and make new friends. And then finally in May I was allowed to start running again, so I joined Team in Training again and made fabulous new friends.

 loved “learning” how to run again in 2013. There was no way I was able to aim for a PR. I wanted to let my foot heal and strengthen, so I took it easy. That is until I found trail racing… I wouldn’t call these “taking things easy”… Those hills are beasts! 🙂 I love those trail races. They happen in the mountains around the South Bay Area and usually come with great views from the mountains which – you may have guessed – you have to run up first. I found a partner in crime when it comes to running crazy races, my new BRF Lauren (you should check out her adventures training for a triathlon right now). Overall through Team in Training I found a whole new bunch of running buddies and friends who I am so grateful for.

I ran 4 races in 2013:

  • Trail Hog 10k (trail race)
  • Drag ‘N Fly 10k (trail race)
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco (with Team in Training)
  • US Half Marathon San Francisco (crossing the Golden Gate Bridge running finally)

There are a few things that I slacked on last year. One of them was healthy eating and despite all the training in the second half of the year I put on weight again. California isn’t quite as healthy as its reputation. Something to tackle in 2014.

I also got to travel quite a bit for work: New York City, Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Brussels, Berlin, London. These trips were quite intense, but with most of them I also got to meet up with friends. I met an old university friend in Seattle by chance. Met a great friend in New York City, my family in Germany and my London friends in London. Though I did lose a bit of sleep traveling, it was worth it.

I had a few friends that came and visited or that I ended up meeting somewhere close by. These were always great opportunities to explore more, like Big Sur (which I have come to love) and the beaches. My brother came also for a visit. Sunny California does have its perks.

What I learned in 2013

  • Dare to dream! Your dreams may come true!
  • Ice bath with my awesome team mates from Team in TrainingTeam in Training participants are awesome wherever they are!
  • Listen to your Physical Therapist!
  • California really is sunny!
  • Silicon Valley driver’s are crazy!
  • California isn’t quite as zen as expected!
  • Business Class is the way to fly!
  • How to sleep on a long flight!
  • Sleep is good! Get it when you can!
  • Chocolate is still best in Belgium!

It’s been a great year! I really can’t complain (I try sometimes, but I really shouldn’t). I am trying to take a slower lane in 2014 not just on the highway, but cutting down on a few personal projects, so that I can enjoy my time in California even more.

Looking forward to continue chatting to you all.

Happy New Year!