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Challenge #1 completed



You may remember my 5 challenges for 2014. Well, I completed the first one.

Challenge number one was to complete 26 miles in January. In fact, I am up to 34.4 miles and this is how I got there:

Track training and long Saturday runs with my Team in Training buddies. A weekend ago we ran on the trail to Lexington Reservoir and were greeted with thisΒ  beautiful view:


My running buddy and I grabbed some water and GU (peanut butter) and headed back, but not before we took a “turn-around” photo:


Yes, as you can see from the gloves and headband it wasn’t quite super hot, but actually pretty perfect for running.

This past weekend, my team went for another long run and I ended up running 9.4 miles and passing the 26-mile challenge with another running buddy:


We just love those picture at the “turn-around” point. Selfies are totally acceptable while running, right??

Now we do have some great coaches who know our needs and mark the trail:

20140113-202753.jpgWith one challenge down and 4 to go, I think this has been a great start to the new year. πŸ™‚


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3 thoughts on “Challenge #1 completed

  1. Great job! I don’t think I’ve run 26 miles this year yet!

    • I signed up for the Coyote Hills Half. Are you running there? πŸ™‚

      • I am not..I looked it up and it does look like a a great place for a race! I’m running a half in Arizona this weekend and I think that will be my last race for January. Are you running any races in February? I want to run a race a month but I haven’t found anything next month that sparks my interest yet

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