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On a flight


I am learning. It’s not always easy to eat clean. As I am going through this change in lifestyle I have come up with one golden rule:

If in doubt, read the list of ingredients.

This rule works. Really!
Right now I am sitting on a plane that is taking me to Austin, TX where I will run half marathon #22.
The flight attend just brought my coffee and a snack. As I am playing with the thought of eating the snack I turn it around to the list of ingredients which includes high fructose corn syrup and other not-so-great ingredients that I just don’t want to put into my body.

The thought comes into my head as I am contemplating how easy we accept what’s in our food today:
When will we get to the point that we will stand up for our bodies and stop tolerating chemicals in our foods?



Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | photographer | seeking adventures in everyday life

4 thoughts on “On a flight

  1. Where did you eat in Austin?

  2. good luck with half marathon 22!

  3. I hear you! I’m having a difficult time right now getting back on track. And so many things are marketed as being healthy really are not! Good for you. Keep fighting for your body’s right to be healthy! And happy running your next half!

  4. So true! Once you start reading labels you realize how gross everything is!

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