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My California Anniversary

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since I moved to California!

So last week has been a week of celebration and some reflection. In addition to this, it has been my first full week of rain in California. Which I find amusing… It’s like the weather God reminds me (during my minor complaints) that life in Cali is pretty good with sunshine most of the year (pretty much all the time last year) and I should stop my whining.

And the weather God is right. I have very little reason to whine. 🙂

It’s been an amazing year where I had to “learn” to run again after I broke my foot. But which made running even more precious. A year where I met an amazing group of people and made some awesome friends; friends who organized and came out to my Cali Anniversary party. A year where I started a new job in a new company and have been trusted to take on a new role within less than a year.

I am loving life and sometimes have to pinch myself to see that it is all real. Have you ever had to do this?

I am looking forward to continue my Cali journey and hope that year 2 will be equally amazing! My focus this year will be back to my wellbeing, being kind to myself and my body. A great journey to be on.


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