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And she is still running…

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After the first 10 minutes you don’t know anymore that you are running in the rain. It is the first few minutes while I am getting wet that are the dreaded minutes. Once I am wet I can run miles and miles in the rain.

20140302-192225.jpgAs I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s been raining and I have been out running in the rain a few times and it’s only half as bad as you may think… There are reasons to run in the rain. One of them is that the trails are empty. This past Saturday we ran a pretty much empty trail and had some  rainy views from the top of a hill that we never ran up before. Therefore, by default the (never seen before) views became AMAZING (even looking down on to a highway in the rain…). 🙂

We need rain in California and you can see that the reservoir is still pretty low. You can also see the highway and yes, we ran all the way up from there! In the rain!! RUNNING HEROES! 😉 Elevation gain on our run was over 1300 feet, which was more than the Austin Half Marathon that I ran 2 weeks ago.

20140302-192300.jpgThis brings me to my next topic: The Austin Half Marathon. I already wrote a full race recap of the Austin Half Marathon and it was a fun race. Half marathon #22 and third race of the year! I am starting to get burned out of racing already and skipped a race this weekend and though the medal was great, I don’t feel I missed out. Instead I went shopping and bought 2 gorgeous dresses, but I am digressing…

A fun project I have been working on is my next fundraiser in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have created a virtual race for the month of April and would love for you all to check it out. The medal looks great, but see for yourself.

If you are interested in the THIS CHICK LOVES TO RUN FOR A CURE – Virtual Race, please check out my No Heels Just Sneakers Virtual Race page. I am so excited about putting this race on. A friend of mine created the design of the medal and I think it looks beautiful. All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


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One thought on “And she is still running…

  1. well done!!

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