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Race recap: New Year’s Day Brazen 10k

Race recap: New Year’s Day Brazen 10k

You should know by now that these Brazen races are all ultra races, so this really was an Ultra-10k (6.4 miles) with a Monster Hill. Yes, a MONSTER HILL. Here you go:

The views weren’t quite as spectacular due to the smog that was plaguing us here around New Year, but nonetheless, I reached the top hill (and never want to do it again… until next year that is).

Brazen races are amazing. They come with beautiful medals. This ones reads: “Good Morning 2014”:

And there is ice-cream at the finish line:

Lo and behold, despite the Monster Hill, this was my fastest Brazen Ultra-10k. But don’t get too excited, “fast” is a relative term with these 10ks. But I loved starting the New Year with a PR. 🙂

Because I love these races soooo much, I signed up for a half marathon later this month. It wasn’t on my original 2014 race list, but I am adding it right now.

Which races have you completed already? 🙂