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1000 miles

Woah! 1000 miles!

Well, I did say I would run 500 miles more back in May last year. LOL. And I finally did it. 20130911-194126.jpg

Training has been going very well and I am getting close to my pre-foot-fracture time. I logged over 70 miles in August, which is pretty awesome and I can run 10min/miles again (at least at track). With two half marathons ahead of me this fall that’s all good news.

Shouldn’t forget about hill training. Both races, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and the US Half Marathon, San Francisco, have some pretty and darn steep hills. I am super excited about running across the Golden Gate Bridge. So far, I have driven across, cycled across and walked across, but this will be my first run across. YEAH! Hence, the next 500 miles are just around the corner (or something…).

And I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more

~ The Proclaimers


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Run/Walk #3

Last week Monday (about 2 weeks ago), my physical therapist said, “OK, let’s give this running thing a go.” Baby steps first, of course. He said I can slowly start run/walk intervals. My first run/walk was a 1/1 split and went splendidly. I was moving for 20 minutes and all felt good. Run #2 didn’t go quite as well. I upped it to a 2/1 split (2 minute running / 1 minute walking) and my foot started hurting during interval three. I aborted my running project frustrated.

run3Then I thought about the first run and wondered what was different other than the split. I realized that I had been walking inbetween every day and didn’t give my foot a rest. Duh!

A little smarter after run #2, I took a break before I attempted run #3 last Friday. I went on a 2/1 split again and it worked out great. Note to self: slow down, take rests, be smart! I ran/walked for 2.21 miles and it felt awesome!

I didn’t walk much today, won’t be walking much tomorrow and Tuesday is my first official training run with my new team. Let’s see how that goes. Very excited to make slow progress. I guess I am going to join the run/walk group to force myself to take it slow after my injury. That will allow much more time to chat and get to know my new team mates. Great plan, too! You can tell I am very excited! πŸ™‚

Have a great start to the week!


Moving moving moving

I am moving again. I mean not places like from California to somewhere else… that would be crazy. No, no, I am moving my feet again.

In April I walked over 28 miles. I like the sound of that. And you know what, so far in May I already walked over 25 miles. I think this can be an active summer after all. πŸ™‚



Slowly walking…

My foot is still not in shape for running, but I have increased my walking exercise. I try to walk 1 mile every evening after work (time permitting) and managed 6 walks this week. Today I slowly walked 3 miles.

The pain after walking is getting less and less, but after each physical therapy session I want to curl up and cry. It’s not quite this bad, but the sight of Dr H or Dr A entering the room makes me cringe. And both look so innocent. Like they can’t harm an ant. But they have no pity with my leg and foot… I wish I had my Stick and my foam roller, but both are on a truck somewhere waiting to be shipped to my new apartment.

I am now on to a series of strength exercise for my ankle and foot. It’s not running, but it makes me feel much better. At this point any exercise is welcome.

On the bright side: I am moving again, albeit slowly! πŸ™‚ And this coming week I’ll be joining a mixer with the local Team in Training group. Can’t wait to join the Team again for another season (even if that means I am walking a half marathon). But don’t you worry, training will only start at the end of May, I am just going to meet the Team.


A tough girl – not!

It’s been nearly 11 weeks since I broke my foot. It’s been the fastest and slowest weeks ever. πŸ˜‰ I took my aircast fully off after week 8 and have been walking without ever since. I don’t have any pain, but I am not walking properly either. It feels like I am limping a little. So, finally I started physical therapy last week – I know I should have started earlier, but with the move and all things were pretty hectic…

I didn’t know that PT could hurt so much! Just thinking about it makes me go OUCH!!!!! (and now throw some bad words in as well…. LOL). My muscles in my right lower leg are super tight from not having been used properly for a long time and they scream out HELP!

After my first 2 visits my physical therapist wasn’t happy with my progress. I guess I really have been practicing patience over the last 11 weeks, because I was like, “It’s only been 2 visits! What are you expecting?” Apparently a lot!

Anyway, now after my third visit, my foot actually does feel slightly better. I am hoping to slowly start running again in a few weeks. I will definitely work with my PT on this and not rush as I’d like to not break the foot again.

My next PT session is tomorrow and I am already looking forward to an hour of pain. So much for being a tough girl! πŸ˜‰


I am back…

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted here. A lot has happened since. Let me try to see if I can get all the new bits and pieces in my life in order. πŸ™‚

Yes, I finally moved to California and am settling in nicely in the South Bay area. I am loving the sunshine and the blue skies and can’t wait to be up and running and exploring more. I started my new job as well and I am loving the new team. Last but not least, the aircast came off 3 weeks ago and I have slowly been walking again. I am not running yet and am taking the recovery process seriously. I am getting physical therapy which hurts like crazy, but will hopefully make the foot stronger in the long run (no pun intended… LOL).

All is good and I am going to continue contributing to this site again.

Happy Easter to you all! πŸ™‚



“What are you giving up for lent?”

Someone asked me this question the other day. And then yesterday when I went food shopping hobbling along in my boot, the sales person looks at me somewhat disapprovingly, then points at the chocolate in my basket and says, “I gave up chocolate for lent.”

Well, I didn’t.

I appreciate and respect people’s efforts on giving up something for lent. I just don’t do this for myself, so please stop judging me. And if you really need to know what it’s like to give up something meaningful, don’t give up chocolate or alcohol – that’s an easy choice. Give up something that’s really hard to give up. I have a friend who is giving up being constantly available online, that,Β  I believe is much harder than giving up chocolate. Though rather nontraditional, I respect her decision.

I haven’t been able to walk (never mind run) for over 4 weeks. I haven’t given this up voluntarily, but I now understand not having what I usually take for granted. I have developed a new perspective on being a disabled person in London (it sucks big time!), but I have also learned a new appreciation for my body (I need to work on this much more).

So maybe I am not buying into the whole commercialized giving-something-up-for-lent thing, but I do think you can learn a lot by not being able to do something that you take for granted.Β  So, if you are giving up something for lent, make it meaningful and stop looking with disapproval at anyone eating chocolate!