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Just a regular taper run

I know I am running in Austin, TX, when during the run, someone starts to scream and jump up high. It’s a real bonus if that someone is not me. And it wasn’t me this time.

I am back in Texas, visiting my old home for a short while. Next weekend I will be running the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll half marathon with my Team in Training running team. I have been a part of Team in Training since 2009 and this is my sixth season as an active member. I have been mentoring a flex team (which is a team that doesn’t meet up locally as opposed to the local teams that meet up for training runs each week) and I am looking forward to meeting my mentees next week at the race.

Back to my run on Saturday. This was the last long team run before the race and as part of tapering it was a 6-mile run only. Our coach decided that a hilly workout would be a great part of a taper run. But I think, he just really picked a hilly run for me, so I could appreciate the humidity and heat much better.

The morning greeted us with humidity in the 90%es and a fog that would shame London to the ground. I missed the meeting point as I couldn’t see where my rental car was taking me (the car and I are still working on our relationship…).

After the screaming and jumping episode (please take careful note – it wasn’t me this time!), because someone nearly stepped on a dead snake (welcome to running in Texas!), we had just a regular run, where we nearly got lost once, got overtaken by the runners who ran 8 miles, were in desperate need of a porta-potty and found a stinky one at a construction site only to turn around a street 100 yards up to see a gas station which probably had nice and clean restrooms…

How I miss running with the team!