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Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series – Rock Encore Medal

Nice gesture.

As I am sitting here scrapping most of my planned races for this year, I finally get my 2012 Rock Encore Medal from the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series. I got this medal for running two Rock ‘n Roll races in North America, the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, last year.


Rock Encore Medal – Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series

It’s a pretty nice medal. It goes really well with the World Rocker Medal that I received earlier last year for running a Rock ‘n Roll race in North America and one in Europe. I also ran the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon which I really loved. The course was hilly, but very picturesque. I can definitely recommend the race for the scenery.

World Rocker Medal - Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series

World Rocker Medal – Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series

I didn’t get the Triple Crown medal. This one – at least last year – was only given out if you ran 3 Rock ‘n Roll races in one region (either North America or Europe).

This year I won’t be collecting any Rock ‘n Roll medals. So maybe 2014 will be my triple crown year?

Here is my 2012 race list. The list for 2013 will be much shorter:

January – NIKE+ Women’s Half Marathon – actually, 13.9 miles run

March – Regent’s Park Jog 5k (28:53)

March – Richmond Spring Riverside 10k (PR @ 1:03:20)

April – Whole Foods Breakfast Run in Kingston 8.2 miles (PR @ 1:22:00)

April – Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (2:26:18)

May – London Bupa 10k (1:04:36)

June – San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (2:23:28)

July – British 10k (1:05:29)

October – Cologne Half Marathon (2:21:35 – second fastest half marathon ever)

October – Shock Absorber Women’s 5k (27:20)

November – San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (really slow)



I am a World Rocker!

Due to the Olympics & Paralympics as well as some minor injuries during the summer, I slacked a little on my running. I will have to run/walk my next half marathon in 2 weeks. The cold this week didn’t help either.

But, nonetheless, I am a World Rocker! And I have the medal to prove it!

To be a World Rocker, you either run a Rock ‘n Roll Marathon/Half Marathon in Europe and one in North America or two in Europe. Running the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in Edinburgh and the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in San Diego qualified me for this honor. And I finally received the medal in the mail.

I am going to run one more Rock ‘n Roll half marathon this year, in San Antonio, TX. This should qualify me for the Rock Encore medal.

I am taking the medal collection this year to a new level. 🙂


My current BRF: the foam roller

Sorry, S and Y, but right now my foam roller is my BRF (best running friend).

After the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll half marathon I needed a few days off which I took with smiles. However, today I got back on the horse so to speak or better: back into my running shoes.

I went for a slow recovery run around the block. And, oh my, could I hear my IT band cry.

So back at home out came the foam roller and it wasn’t pretty.

But as BRFs do, they tell you to suck it up. 🙂 So I did! Feeling better already and will go for some more later.

In case you are not sure how to use a foam roller, here is a video that explains foam rolling.

Happy rolling!


Edinburgh half marathon, hills and bagpipes…

Alright, there are hills in Edinburgh. But did you know they only ever go uphill?

I haven’t had a chance to talk to my trusted geologist on this, but definitely tectonic plate shifts in Edinburgh on Sunday. I am sure the Scottish papers reported on this.

I liked the race.

Let’s start with that.

The Rock ‘n Roll team (Competitor Group) know what they are doing and the race was very well organized.

View over the finish line and the race expo

The expo was small but still enjoyable and as we picked up our race packs and wandered through the expo, we were listening to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers who were rocking the bagpipes on the stage.

We met some lovely runners from Oregon, Texas and Mexico on a guided literary walk we took. It was great to connect with other runners.

Race day was cold. We woke up to -1C    –   “feels like -4C” my weather app wanted me to know… It warmed up to balmy +1C as we walked to the start line. As it was sunny, it probably warmed up by another degree or 2 by start time. The start and finish was most likely the lowest geographical point in Edinburgh… You know what’s coming next…

Before the start. looking all confident!

Once we got going, the cold wasn’t really anything I noticed anymore.

The first 4 miles were perfectly flat with maybe even a little downhill thrown in. At mile 4.5 the torture started… From here on it was rolling hills until mile 12.5 for the finish line dash. My research on hills on the course must have been lacking thoroughness. It was a pretty tough course (and I have run in San Francisco!) and the 8 miles rolling hills felt like uphill rolling only. I think twice or three times we had a very short downhill teaser. They were teasers alright! They were never long enough though for me to regain any speed.

I don’t know how this works. I am not a geologist. We started and finished at the same point, but it felt like we were running uphill MUCH MORE than downhill. That’s where I think there must have been some tectonic plate shifts… Check the papers…

I was trying to see if my NIKE+ GPS watch gives me elevation gain data, so I could compare this race with the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon/Half Marathon elevation gain. But I couldn’t find this information with the NIKE+ data. If anyone knows how to look up elevation gain, please let me know.

Edinburgh Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon medal

The last downhill dash to the finish line was fun though. I finished 6 minutes slower than my PR. As I was looking through past race results, I noticed that any race that I finished around the same time or faster was a flat course. This was my fastest ever hilly race!

Medal well deserved! 🙂


Race weekend!! Good luck to all!!

Race weekend is here. YEAH!!

Lots of people I know are running today all over the world. Let’s hear a big cheer in all these cities:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon – I’ll be cold again I think… snow showers in the forecast…
  • Austin, TX – 10/20 race – my Team in Training team is running there.
  • Glenlivet 10k, Scotland – MedalSlut is running here. Apparently it’s the most beautiful run in Scotland. We’ll see about this…
  • Paris Marathon – a friend of mine is running in France. She will be rocking it.
  • Boston Marathon – fellow bloggers are running Boston on Monday. Can’t wait to hear their race reports.

Good luck to everyone running a race this weekend!

Happy running!

I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.
~ Bart Yasso


A whiny GPS watch…

My NIKE+ GPS watch feels neglected. It asked me today whether I was going for a run soon?

That’s a good question.

My guess is my next run is the Edinburgh race. I am feeling a little better. Thank you for all the well wishes and good tips. I tried these:

  • Milk & honey
  • Sweet potato & carrot soup
  • Whiskey
  • Cold meds
  • Sleep

The combination seems to work…

Back to my NIKE+ watch. It’s a really whiny watch. But I felt whiny, too. 5 days without running is a lot.

bright colors along the running trail

bright colors along the running trail

I decided therefore to take the watch out for a walk along my running grounds towards the destination of Starbucks (oops). I haven’t been on the trail for a week now and it has changed to green. Much more green than in previous weeks. It looks pretty and summery (I caught the sun before the rain takes over in about 30 minutes or so – I can see the dark clouds already). I am looking forward to my runs next week again in Richmond Park and see how the colors have changed there, too.

One of the (many) nice things about running is that you do see the changes of the season and notice all the different colors and flowers that you (at least I) sometimes miss.

I should thank my whiny Nike+ watch for getting me out of the house. 🙂

Each moment of the year has its own beauty,
a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Unplanned tapering…

Only 4 days to go until the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.

I am getting a little nervous this time. I wasn’t planning on tapering much, but instead using the Edinburgh race as a hilly training race on the road to the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. I knew the trip to Budapest would provide a little tapering, but I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather in Budapest (darn you again,!) and came home with a serious cold. No running since Saturday and definitely no running today either. Hopefully, tomorrow I feel well enough for a very easy run – really to just remind my legs how it’s done…

The unplanned home rest gives me way too much time to check out the elevation chart for the Edinburgh race. The long hill miles 4.5-7.5 look brutal. Mile 8.5-9 won’t be my favorite either… It looks though like it will be a very pretty course running up to the castle. I shall pack my camera.

Hope my cold passes quickly and the extra rest will make me full of energy for those fun hills!! 🙂

Happy resting!

What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.

~ John Bingham