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How not to train for a half marathon

My training for the upcoming Austin half marathon can be at best described as “taper first, train later”. You could call it “fearless”, but it wasn’t determined nor passionate for that matter…

Read more on how not to train for a half marathon. 🙂


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12-miler in Monterrey

It was a beautiful day out in Monterrey on Saturday when we ran 12 miles along the coast. After 3 weekends of crazy hills, the Trail Hog 10k, 10 miles in San Francisco and the Drag-N-Fly 10k last week, a fairly flat coastal run was just what the doctor (or in my case: my legs) requested. Maybe I wouldn’t have called it “fairly flat” a month ago, there were rolling hills, but, yeah, tiny compared some more recent ones. 🙂

We had some awesome views of the coast, but were also flying fast along the route, so didn’t stop quite as much as usual to take photos.

This was our last long run before the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon in 3 weeks. We ended the run with another ice-bath in the ocean, Yup, even the ice-bath in the ocean needs to be trained for. 🙂


And one last photo. Still exploring the panorama function on my iPhone. Very interesting when you have the waves move while taking the panorama picture.


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Buddy run

Last night’s 1-hour buddy run was great fun. Another tough day at work and I wasn’t sure I would make it, but I did! 🙂 I was planning on running only 30-40 minutes, but hanging out with my running buddies, sharing some fun race stories made the time fly by. We ended the running event with a trip to a sushi restaurant (ditching the idea of a burger joint and keeping it somewhat healthy). 7-8 mile run this weekend. Bring it on!

“It’s important to remember that each footstrike carries you forward, not backward. And every time you put on your running shoes you are different in some way than you were the day before.”

~ John Bingham



Yes, I am still running or better running again after I broke my foot in January. It’s been over 2 months already that I have been training for my next half marathon, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon here in San Francisco.

Though I am still much slower than I would like to be and my life doesn’t fully evolve around running anymore, I am feeling happy to be able to run and train. I even made new running friends. Changing continents and jobs has taken a toll on my running time (not on my running love though!). Exploring my new home with new and old friends is now my favorite weekend activity, but I do find time to run (and I should post some pics of my awesome running routes).

Here are some running stats:

August: 20 miles (so far)

July: 37 miles (lots of traveling that months)

June: 55 miles

May: 41 miles

Not too shabby after all. 🙂



Every endurance runner should get regular sports massages.

I don’t get enough massages. Sad. I haven’t really found the right massage therapist in London for me. If anyone knows a great sports massage therapist in London, let me know!

Yesterday, I had a massage. It felt great. It felt like having put all my muscles, tendons and even my bones put back in the right place. I know they haven’t moved, but that’s what it feels like. 🙂

If you live in Austin, TX, I can recommend Donice Jones (Absolute Balance). She is a licensed massage therapist and an endurance runner herself. She knows how to make you feel better, make you feel like new even!

After my massage, I am ready to run a 12-miler tomorrow with my Austin Team in Training team. It is great to have my friends around for a long run.

Happy Running!


About long runs, interval runs, hill training…

I have been living off my runner’s high from Saturday’s 14.5-miler for the last couple of days. The days were filled with CRAZY thoughts:

  • I want to run another 14-miler next weekend. CRAZY!
  • I want to run the full marathon in San Diego. CRAZY!
  • I want to sign up for another full marathon this year. CRAZY

I am not saying any of this is impossible. In fact, it’s perfectly possible. But when I signed up for a full marathon in 2010, I freaked out about training, got completely stressed out about long runs and eventually ran the half distance on race day. So I vowed to only sign up for a full marathon once again when I have a running team around me that trains for the same event.

Anyway, I could possibly always change my half distance to a full when I get to San Diego and the running continues to be grand…

Yesterday, I did interval runs and I am getting faster. At least for those training runs. I signed up for a 5k this coming weekend and my goal is to make it a really fast tempo run.

I have also been training hills on the treadmill. I am not sure yet exactly on how this translates to a real hilly environment. I fear the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon will be hilly..

I have been loosely following the Rolling Hills Plan from Rick Morris’ Treadmill Hill Workouts. I think I am going to do the Hill Blasters Plan this week. 🙂

You know you are a runner when… you know the location of every 7-11, public restroom, and water fountain in running distance from your home.


The long run… and a new energy source found…

Yesterday I had planned a long run. I wasn’t too picky on the distance as long as it was over 10 miles. 10-12 miles was my goal.

Y and I headed out to Richmond Park in the morning. As we were heading toward the middle of the park, we saw the parkrun group coming our way. We still haven’t joined them. It’s a 2-mile run for me to get to the park. It seems too much of an effort to take the bus or bike only to run a 5k…


We started off in perfect running weather, cold enough to feel cool during the run, warm enough not to get too cold. Cloudy. About 5 miles into the run, of course it started to rain., you got it wrong again. I am seriously reconsidering our friendship, again… It wasn’t supposed to rain until later that day!

It felt quite refreshing though…

Y still challenges me during our long runs and she isn’t even training for a race. After we got quite wet though, she asked for an early stop. So after 9.5 miles we stopped. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie. We chatted. As we were ready to leave the cafe, the weather changed again and the sun came out in full swing. Y decided to take the bus back home. I decided to run back.

As I was getting closer to home, I felt strong and not ready yet to stop, so I extended my run a little more. Sometimes we’ll just have to take the days as they come. Eventually, I added another 5 miles to the 9.5 miles and ended up with a 14.5-mile run yesterday. That’s my longest distance since the summer of 2010.

I was feeling pretty good and now have a new energy secret. A hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie will pick you up. Forget Gatorade. Forget GU. I wonder if I could get race organizers to add a hot chocolate and brownie aid station at mile 9.5? 🙂

Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.
~ Sarah Condor