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Stretch ‘n strength

stretch-n-strength-bandI am missing my team workout today. Work took a little longer today, but I was so happily working on my project that I managed to miss time… Oops.

Of course, I know what this means: back to my strength and stretch band and the exercises that my PT has prescribed. Fun times tonight. I usually complain to him about these exercises, but truthfully I can really feel the difference in my foot mobility each time I do my work out. Therefore I don’t mind at all and am actually looking forward to it (ok, maybe that’s a little exaggerated…LOL).

I was trying to find some more exercises online that I can add to my strength band work out, but I couldn’t find any that used the same exercise band that I was using. Very interesting. So if you have any great ideas on what additional exercises (other than foot and ankle) I could do with my strength band, I’d appreciate your suggestions!

So, off I go to the torture treatment room. 🙂


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Run/Walk #3

Last week Monday (about 2 weeks ago), my physical therapist said, “OK, let’s give this running thing a go.” Baby steps first, of course. He said I can slowly start run/walk intervals. My first run/walk was a 1/1 split and went splendidly. I was moving for 20 minutes and all felt good. Run #2 didn’t go quite as well. I upped it to a 2/1 split (2 minute running / 1 minute walking) and my foot started hurting during interval three. I aborted my running project frustrated.

run3Then I thought about the first run and wondered what was different other than the split. I realized that I had been walking inbetween every day and didn’t give my foot a rest. Duh!

A little smarter after run #2, I took a break before I attempted run #3 last Friday. I went on a 2/1 split again and it worked out great. Note to self: slow down, take rests, be smart! I ran/walked for 2.21 miles and it felt awesome!

I didn’t walk much today, won’t be walking much tomorrow and Tuesday is my first official training run with my new team. Let’s see how that goes. Very excited to make slow progress. I guess I am going to join the run/walk group to force myself to take it slow after my injury. That will allow much more time to chat and get to know my new team mates. Great plan, too! You can tell I am very excited! 🙂

Have a great start to the week!


Slowly walking…

My foot is still not in shape for running, but I have increased my walking exercise. I try to walk 1 mile every evening after work (time permitting) and managed 6 walks this week. Today I slowly walked 3 miles.

The pain after walking is getting less and less, but after each physical therapy session I want to curl up and cry. It’s not quite this bad, but the sight of Dr H or Dr A entering the room makes me cringe. And both look so innocent. Like they can’t harm an ant. But they have no pity with my leg and foot… I wish I had my Stick and my foam roller, but both are on a truck somewhere waiting to be shipped to my new apartment.

I am now on to a series of strength exercise for my ankle and foot. It’s not running, but it makes me feel much better. At this point any exercise is welcome.

On the bright side: I am moving again, albeit slowly! 🙂 And this coming week I’ll be joining a mixer with the local Team in Training group. Can’t wait to join the Team again for another season (even if that means I am walking a half marathon). But don’t you worry, training will only start at the end of May, I am just going to meet the Team.


Let me put my shoe on

Today marks week 4 with a broken foot. It’s funny how I got used to hobbling around with a foot in a cast. I’d like to think of myself as pretty fast on  my feet now considering all. Anyone up for a race?

the bootI kind of gotten to like my boot. I wonder if I could introduce it to California as the latest fashion coming directly from London? What do you think?

There have been quite a few times over the past 4 weeks that I have cursed myself for breaking my foot. It’s been a really misfortune time. Or has it? I have these fluffy moments where I think, maybe after all this has been a very fortunate time? I left my past job 5 weeks ago and I had plenty of plans to make the most of my remaining weeks in London, to wander around and catch all kinds of sights, museums, shows that were still on my “London bucket list”. Having a broken foot made me shelf all these plans and actually rest. So I have been resting for the past 4 weeks, going through all kinds of daytime TV and just chill. I can’t remember the last time I had a few weeks of just doing nothing.

To me the past 4 weeks have been a bliss in disguise. I noticed today in the mirror that my frown lines on my forehead are pretty much gone. What better outcome can there be?! The tension in my neck and back has finally disappeared. Did you watch the TED Talk that I posted by Dan Gilbert? He talked about synthetic happiness. And how people in adverse situations come out of these situations and talk about how they didn’t want things to be different? Well, I wouldn’t go quite this far. I’d rather not have broken my foot. But having broken it, I definitely see the silver lining and that some good may have come out of it.

Today not only marks week 4 of my broken foot, but also T-10 in my move to California. The countdown has begun. So, let me put my shoe on and get ready…


A short moment of self pity

I don’t really do self pity. I get annoyed by it. It doesn’t seem to help me and definitely doesn’t lift me up. But right now I need just a very short moment of it.

Despite all my healthy eating (see Healing foods for a broken bone), I got a cold. I had fever 2 nights ago. Not happy.  Maybe after spending most of my days inside without much human contact, my immune system doesn’t know how to respond to anything when I am actually outside. My guess is that having spent the weekend under people in several cafes and restaurants probably made me catch something. Booohhhhhh!


night time

My foot is healing slowly (I hope), but it’s really hard to tell. The swelling is going down and I can finally see some bones in my right foot again. Yippieh! There is still some bruising, but even that is slowly going away. I hope all of this is a good sign for the healing process. I am keeping off my feet for most of the day, spending the day in front of the laptop or on the couch reading or indulging in daytime TV. I try to carefully walk a little bit every day with crutches, keeping the weight off my right foot. Stimulating the broken bone apparently helps its healing process. But I am staying on the safe side with less rather than more, since the doctor really hasn’t given me any advice on walking.

day time

day time

I am going to see my regular GP tomorrow and hope he will have more advice for me than the doc at the hospital. My biggest concern right now is the flight to California. With the visa well on its way into my passport (embassy visit next week hopefully), my move to California is soon approaching. The flight will be more than 5 weeks after the actual break and I hope that it will be ok to get on an 11-hour flight. Eeek…

With things going their way, I hope I can shake this cold off in a few days and start real packing mode. But right now I am up for some more daytime TV. I must have watched 2 seasons of CSI Miami already, a show I have never watched before, but am getting totally into it. “I know you are lying. I just don’t know what about yet.” I might have to start a new CSI Miami quote blog…

Thanks for letting me indulge in a short moment of self pity. I think I am finally over it!

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A day out – Box Hill, Surrey

Being more or less housebound with my broken foot, I love every opportunity that I get to get out. My friend took me out to Box Hill in Surrey. Despite me having lived close by in the past I have never actually been there, but I heard the views over the North Downs are beautiful. So off we went. I was crossing my fingers for a car park close to the viewing area as walking longer distances is not an option on 2 crutches. And we were rewarded with a car park and about a 100 meter walk to get the views. Perfect:

View from Box Hill over the North Downs

View from Box Hill over the North Downs

To our right was a beautiful view over Dorking which its picturesque church right in the middle of the town:

View from Box Hill over Dorking

View from Box Hill over Dorking

We didn’t have quite the great weather as it was promised to us, but nonetheless we got decent views and they had coffee up there in the visitor center also. What else does one need?

And so you can see I am still a happy non-runner. Yes, I did spent quite some time cleaning my crutches and boot afterwards, but it was well worth it!

Walking in the mud at bottom of Box Hill

Walking in the mud at bottom of Box Hill


Healing foods for a broken bone

There is one thing that I really wish the doctors would have given me advice on when they put my broken foot in a boot.

What can I do to support the healing of my broken foot?

Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t provide me with any advice on best behavior for a broken foot. They didn’t tell me whether to rest completely or exercise a little. They didn’t tell me whether physiotherapy may help or not. They didn’t tell me how to adjust my nutrition to support the healing process. This has been bothering me from my first encounter with A&E. So I did some research.

A lot of the right behavior depends on the way the foot is broken, so other than my doctors no one could (or should) really given me any advise on resting, exercising, etc. But the right nutrition to support bone healing is probably less dependent on the exact nature of the break.

Here is some information that I found. Some of it may be self-explanatory for the nutrient-wise, but not all of us are nutrient-wise when it comes to broken bones…


Protein – to support the healing process and reduce further bone loss

  • milk, yogurt, cheese, lean meats, poultry, eggs, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, almonds, quinoa, vegetables

milk-orangesCalcium – important for bone strength

  • broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kale, milk, yogurt, cheese

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K – for bone growth, bone formation and regulating blood clotting

  • oranges, broccoli, salmon, tuna, mackerel, fish oil, red bell peppers, strawberries, brussels sprouts.

Natural anti-inflammatory nutrients – to reduce pain and promote the formation of new connective tissue called bone collagen

  • citrus fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, whole grains

SKIM MILK, YOGURT, BROCCOLI, FISH and ORANGES seem to be some of the best foods to eat for healing broken bones.


Stop eating foods containing ingredients that either inhibit calcium absorption or increase calcium loss:

whole milk dairy products

red meat

processed foods


carbonated beverages



Here are some of my sources: