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San Francisco

This is the fourth time I am running the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon. We have a few traditions. One of them is a pre-race morning shake-out run the day before the race. It’s just a short run. For the NWM race we run down to the Ferry Building and farmer’s market and take a few photos. 4 of us let the tradition live this year and the views were just spectacular.







NWM-weekend day 1

Out of tradition I decided to travel into San Francisco for the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon (NWM) this Friday. Granted, now that I only live 50 miles away it seems a little early, but allowed me to catch up with my “original” Austin Team in Training team.

As tradition dictates we started with lunch at Lori’s Diner, then headed to the Expo (as always overcrowded and just a marketing gig) and then on to the Nike store. Since I already overloaded on race swag last weekend at the early race packet pick-up, it was a short affair today.
Some coffee with the team and reminiscing over past NWM races and the afternoon concluded with a last bit of retail therapy at Macy’s. By the way if you read this and still want race swag, go to Macy’s: same stuff and you can use the 10%-off coupon in your race bag. And the lines are WAY shorter. πŸ™‚

A dinner tradition tonight somewhere (I didn’t remember that we had a dinner tradition) and maybe sleep in my new Nike running shirt?





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12-miler in Monterrey

It was a beautiful day out in Monterrey on Saturday when we ran 12 miles along the coast. After 3 weekends of crazy hills, the Trail Hog 10k, 10 miles in San Francisco and the Drag-N-Fly 10k last week, a fairly flat coastal run was just what the doctor (or in my case: my legs) requested. Maybe I wouldn’t have called it “fairly flat” a month ago, there were rolling hills, but, yeah, tiny compared some more recent ones. πŸ™‚

We had some awesome views of the coast, but were also flying fast along the route, so didn’t stop quite as much as usual to take photos.

This was our last long run before the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon in 3 weeks. We ended the run with another ice-bath in the ocean, Yup, even the ice-bath in the ocean needs to be trained for. πŸ™‚


And one last photo. Still exploring the panorama function on my iPhone. Very interesting when you have the waves move while taking the panorama picture.



Hill run

Yesterday was track training day, but somehow we ended up running hills. 5 miles of them. Actually it took us longer to run to the hill than running up the hill 6 times. Thank you, coach! My butt hurts! I am guessing that is supposed to be a good thing, right?

I found a great pace with my new running buddy L running back to the parking lot. L challenged me to run the Austin full marathon next February. Argh! It would be fun I guess. At least the first 5 miles… πŸ˜‰ I am keeping my options open right now. Let’s get the Nike Women’s half marathon behind me first.

I promised a picture from track training. So this is last week’s training, which was in fact track training. Here you go!




Yes, I am still running or better running again after I broke my foot in January. It’s been over 2 months already that I have been training for my next half marathon, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon here in San Francisco.

Though I am still much slower than I would like to be and my life doesn’t fully evolve around running anymore, I am feeling happy to be able to run and train. I even made new running friends. Changing continents and jobs has taken a toll on my running time (not on my running love though!). Exploring my new home with new and old friends is now my favorite weekend activity, but I do find time to run (and I should post some pics of my awesome running routes).

Here are some running stats:

August: 20 miles (so far)

July: 37 miles (lots of traveling that months)

June: 55 miles

May: 41 miles

Not too shabby after all. πŸ™‚


Things happening…

A couple of cool things have happened this week. They all made me smile.

My Bupa 10,000 race pack

First, I received my Bupa 10,000 race pack. The envelope was pretty thick and I got kind of excited what might be in there… My race bib of course, my timing chip and really thick race magazine and a plastic bag to store my stuff in during the race and drop off. The bag made the envelope so thick. So, no mystery t-shirt (as I was secretly hoping). I nearly forgot about this race as I am counting down to my trip to San Diego in 2 weeks.

Second thing that happened this week. Finally, I succeeded in purchasing tickets for the Olympic games. I have been really unlucky with tickets and was close to giving up, but NO! I am now going to see 2 hockey games. I have never seen a hockey game, therefore I can finally get this off my bucket list. Not sure which teams I’ll be seeing, but I am secretly hoping for Canada (and Germany of course).

Newton Gravity Ladies Neutral

Third, I bought a pair of Newton’s running shoes (Newton Gravity) back at the Edinburgh race expo. Since it has been raining pretty much ever since, I had never taken them out. Today I took them for a spin! I’ll tell you more about how I like them when I started running a little more in them after the San Diego Half Marathon. They do look cool though!

Last, I just found out that there is a second chance for the Nike Women’s Marathon entry starting next week. No idea what that second chance is, but I will be keeping an eye out on the NWM 26.2 Facebook page.

I am kind of excited now. I think the smiles have me back (the rain started to wear on me). Might be of course because I also went for not one, but two runs today. πŸ™‚

Keep running!


Disappointed, but…

For the past 3 years, I ran the NIKE Women’s Marathon (or half marathon) in San Francisco. It’s a great event with an amazing atmosphere. It starts in the heart of San Francisco and finishes right by the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway. A great finish location for a natural ice bath. πŸ™‚

A couple of weeks ago, I entered into the lottery for a place in the race this year. Today I found out that I didn’t get through. I am totally bummed. I didn’t really consider not making the lottery as an option.

Once I got over the first disappointment, I realized that this now opens up my time to run another race during late September and October. And it seems that’s a very popular time for races.

Here is just a selection of races that I am considering now. Given that the NIKE race was a destination race, all destinations are open. πŸ™‚

Sun, 16th September – Farnham Pilgrim Half Marathon (multi-terrain)

Sun, 23rd September – Montreal, Canada Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Sun, 30th September – Lisbon, Portugal Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Sun, 7th October – Windsor Half Marathon

Sun, 7th October – London Royal Parks Half Marathon

Sun, 14th October – Cologne, Germany Half Marathon

Sun, 28th October – London Run to the Beat Half Marathon

Now I have got the difficult task of making a decision. I am thinking of using as part of my decision making process.

So after being totally bummed earlier today, I am now kind of excited about finding a new race destination.

Anyone, who can recommend one of these races?