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Recently, my Nike+ account showed me this image after I downloaded my latest runs from my Nike GPS watch.

20130929-132237.jpgI don’t know who writes these “motivational” blurbs, but seriously, Nike+ team, can you have someone with a positive and cheerful outlook on life have write these?

“Halfway through blue, but not nearly done.”

It just doesn’t do it for me. Please, Nike+ team, get a happy person to cheer me up and on next time!



Nike+ sucks once more!

I don’t understand how Nike gets things wrong again and again with their Nike+ site. Shouldn’t they get their best people on the job of making sure the site and apps works properly?

I received my Nike Women’s Half Marathon registration confirmation today (YEAH!). In the email (sent to me directly by the way – this becomes the point of irritation…), Nike advertises their new training and update app for this event. Great. I want in! To get to the training app that may or may not share updates on the event as well, I am asked to sign in with my Nike+ login details. Seems easy, right?? Especially since I have been a Nike+ member for several years.


Apparently, my Nike+ credentials are not matching my registration. Nike peeps, here is a hint: you sent me an email with the race registration and guess what? That’s the same email that is linked to my Nike+ account. What else do you want from me to log into your app???

Yes, I am frustrated, because the DENIED message tells me to go to the FAQ to find out how to link my registration with my Nike+ account. If only I could get information on the FAQ page. Absolutely nothing on the FAQ page to help.

So, here I am not able to link my Nike Women’s Half Marathon registration with my Nike+ account and with absolutely no help from Nike to resolve. Yes, frustrated once more by Nike!



I run!

Someone declared that today is National Running Day. Somehow this is the first I ever heard of it, but, hey, I’ll jump on this wagon anytime.

It’s easy to declare my passion for running.

I run…

… to cure cancer!

i-run-for-cancerI have been running for many years (even though I don’t feel like it after I broke my foot in January, but foot is healing) and also for many years I have been with Team in Training raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma . Recently I lost another friend to cancer and I do what I can do best: I run to raise funds to cure cancer again. I am raising $2500 for LLS and will be running (or maybe just walking depends on what foot says) the NIKE Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in October.

Yes, I run!


Nike+ is my new therapist

Last night. Watching American Idol. No, Ryan Seacrest, you are not live. And, no, I am not going to look online who has made it already… Oh no, I just did. Oops…

As a side note, there were some good performances. They love Adele. Singing one of her songs seems to automatically qualify for the next round… Is this really J.Lo? What happened to her face?? This is a really ill-fitting lipstick!! (she is also lying to contestants, telling them they could win the show when – I can clearly see into the future – I know they will not make it into the next round…)

Anyway, I was REALLY updating my NIKE+ challenges and American Idol just happened to be running on TV…

So as I am looking through my challenges and withdrew from a few that are really not challenges for me, I signed up for some new ones (new to me) and suddenly it dawned on me. I have very split loyalties.

My NIKE+ challenge loyalties:
GERMANY – EU Member State challenge
TEXAS – 2012 State Run challenge
MICHIGAN STATE – Run for March Madness Challenge
ROYAL BOROUGH OF RICHMOND – London Boroughs Annual Challenge 2012

I often don’t feel very settled. Looking at the above, I kind of get why. Thanks, NIKE+, for pointing this out clearly.

Or maybe I should look at this of being privileged of calling all these places my home?

By the way, all you Richmond runners. I see you every day running the Thames path. I need your help with the London Boroughs Annual Challenge 2012! Are we going to let Hounslow win??

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~ Henry Van Dyke


Leap Day Challenge

I am a sucker for NIKE+ challenges – even though my NIKE+ GPS watch doesn’t congratulate me anymore when I break a record… what’s up with that?

After I started January with a 100 miles, I wanted February to count, too. Though I am going to fall a little short of 100 miles, I am getting close. With that in mind I entered the NIKE+ Leap Day Challenge.

Off to the gym I went (just grey and gloomy outside) to do my hill training on the treadmill. I had 3 miles in mind for the hill training and completed those, then just decided to keep running slowly for a little longer – just for fun as one does…

6.4 miles later I stepped off the treadmill (elevation gain 594 feet).

Then I followed my upper body workout plan for another 20 minutes.

I made leap day count. Happy! 🙂

How are you making leap day count?

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~ Groucho Marx


My spring 100/200-mile challenge revisited

At the beginning of the year, when I was still considering January to be a rest month – hanging out with the elliptical, the stationary bike, the yoga class more than with my running shoes – I set a 100-mile challenge to be completed by end of March.

HA! hahaha.

I just uploaded my last few runs onto my NIKE+ profile and what would I not believe? I logged exactly 100 miles in January! That was pretty neat. I know I already told you that I changed this challenge to a 200-mile challenge. But what I am really psyched about is that I am well on the path to log 1000 miles this year.

That will be my new challenge: 1000 miles in 2012!

It is not given us to live lives of undisrupted calm, boredom, and mediocrity. It is given us to be edge-dwellers.

-Jay Deacon


Don't judge…

Yes, I did go to the gym for my run instead of running outside in the sunny and cold weather. It was cold – that will be my official excuse.

But you all know better.

I had to test run my new NIKE+ Fitsole3. The ones I bought earlier this week to feed my NIKE+ miles collection. With shoe pod and all I headed over to the gym (I walked through the cold, don’t forget that!). My shoe pod synced like a charm with my watch.

And I out-raced the treadmill.The treadmill only ran 7.6 miles, but I did an astonishing 8.2 miles.These slow treadmills nowadays…

I guess I need to head out and calibrate my pod, though I kind of like the stats. 🙂

  • Treadmill: 0
  • Happy Runner: 1

Happy Weekend!