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Punk Mandeville

Going through some of my pictures this weekend, I noticed that I never shared my Punk Mandeville photo with you.

Punk Mandeville

As we were “hunting” for Olympic mascots, I became obsessed with Punk Mandeville and made it my quest to find him. When I finally found him, I wasn’t really that impressed. Even after a couple of weeks, I am still not quite getting this one, but I thought I shall surely share with you.

My favorites remain Animal Wenlock and Cockney Wenlock.

Walking around town with a friend this weekend, I noticed that all the Olympic mascot sculptures were gone (at least in the areas we walked around). Quite sad. I think they really enhanced the image of the city.

Happy Monday!



Skyline Wenlock

This is it!

I caught the last missing Wenlock & Mandeville sculpture on camera!

What am I going to do with all my free time next week? No more Olympics. No more Paralympics. No more Wenlock and Mandeville hunting.

The Skyline Wenlock says:

“I have been counting London’s famous buildings and landmarks. How many can you spot?”

Well, how many can you?

Skyline Wenlock

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Around Covent Garden – close up with Wenlock and Mandeville

Our Wenlock and Mandeville Discovery Trail took us around Covent Garden yesterday. I liked the ones we saw on this trail, but my favorite remains Cockney Wenlock. ๐Ÿ™‚

We completed all 6 Discovery Trails and should have caught all 83 Wenlock and Mandeville mascot sculptures. I have a feeling I may have missed one. I still have some time to get him…

I am sharing my favorite details of the Covent Garden mascots, Tourist Wenlock, Busker Wenlock, Chinatown Mandeville, Performer Wenlock and Spotlight Mandeville (who was literally standing under a spotlight).



Cockney Wenlock

I have a new favorite Olympic mascot.

Cockney Wenlock

He is pretty, colorful and full of details and rhymes and I am re-learning my Cockney rhyming slang.

apple and pairs = stairs

strawberry tart = heart

bamboo shoots = boots

In order to be considered a true Cockney, you must have been born within earshot of the Bow Bells, the bells of the church of St Mary-le-Bow.

Another well-known Cockney rhyming slang is dog and bone = phone.

Then, of course – who wouldn’t have guessed – nanny goat = boat. The Tower Bridge here most likely represents one of the geographical boundaries of where Cockney used to be spoken.

Totally easy, right?

frog and toad = road

jam jar = car

I never quite got Cockney rhyming slang. But after all I wasn’t born within earshot of the Bow Bells. And maybe keeping secrets from or confusing strangers was the purpose of these rhymes.

Either way, I love this Wenlock. ๐Ÿ™‚


London Landmark Wenlock and Mandeville

I told you there are 83 Wenlocks and Mandevilles all over London. I still haven’t seen them all. I better hurry, not sure how long after September 9th (end of Paralympics) they will be around. I really should bid for one in the Wenlock and Mandeville auction. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I am going to share a few sculptures with you of British landmarks that you should all be able to recognize…

The Red Bus Wenlock

The Telephone Box Wenlock

The Beefeater Mandeville

And my favorite from this series, the Queen’s Guard Wenlock

I think this one is the least scary of all the Wenlock and Mandeville sculptures that I have seen so far. He looks very peaceful, nearly cheerful even.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Did you know that you could own an Olympic mascot?

Yup, you can! The London 2012 auction site allows you to bid for any of the Olympic mascot sculptures offered. You probably have to make a fast decision. It seems like new sculptures are added every day and are only on for a couple of days.

Keeping with the animal theme from yesterday’s post I am introducing Safari Mandeville and Birdy Wenlock. These two Olympic mascots are also roaming Regent’s Park.

Safari Mandeville says, “I am travelling across the world on safari to see some amazing creatures.” I like Safari Mandeville. He has got beautiful colors.

Birdy Wenlock is pretty cute, too. Similar to Animal Wenlock he has details all around and you need to see him from all sides to appreciate his beauty.

The owl looks great.

“Quack, quack”, he says, “I am enjoying bird-watching. Can you spot the water birds?”

I might have caught a little too much sun with this photo below. But we definitely do not want to complain about too much sun! Birdy Wenlock and Animal Wenlock are definitely my current favorites.

Punk Wenlock is still eluding my path…


Animal Wenlock

Of course by now I have a much better understanding of the Olympic mascot discovery trails. There are 6 of them, all identified by different colors. You can find out more on the Mayor of London website. It will give you maps on where the discovery trails are and where the mascots are located.

This past weekend, we headed out to Regent’s Park to follow the green discovery trail. One mascot stood out: Animal Wenlock.

If you don’t know Regent’s Park, London Zoo is located in Regent’s Park, hence the animal themed mascot.

Animal Wenlock has so much detail. It was just beautiful to look at. And like most mascots he talks:

“I like talking to the animals. Better watch out for the lions though!”

Animal Wenlock has details all around. Some mascots just show details on the front, therefore this one is one of the special ones.

Do you see the lizard?

Not sure, but looks like a lion baby here:

The penguins are just adorable and so is the panda bear.

So cute and not scary at all anymore. Who said the mascots are scary? LOL!

Happy Monday!