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We often forget to put things into perspective, the fight we had with a friend over something trivial, the complaint we had in the restaurant over the meat not being quite cooked the way we like it, the disappointment we felt over the supermarket not having our favorite brand of cereal… You all know them those silly things that we sometimes throw adult tantrums over.

Instead of being happy that we have friends who stay at our side in good and bad times. The fact that we have food on the table every day and never have to worry about it. And that we are lucky to have many choices.

Sometimes when we get upset we just need a little perspective.

The view of the Space Needle just showed me that – perspective can make something small or big. You chose where you stand.





A post with boobs…

I am in Seattle for a few days. Actually this is my first trip ever to Seattle. I met up with friends yesterday and we walked over 7 miles. Since I am missing my 2 mile team run, I think I am covered already. My feet hurt from all the walking (both of them not just the injured one) when I got back to my hotel room yesterday. But after soaking them in the bath they were as good as new.
More sightseeing today. I found a bar with 160 beers on tap, who knows where I’ll be tonight? 😉
Off now for some coffee and where should I go in Seattle? Yup, visit the very first Stabucks to take a photo and then off to somewhere else for great coffee.
I like how they show the original logos here…