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A year of blogging

Yesterday was my first anniversary with WordPress. One full year of blogging.

Naturally I had to go and read my very first post again from January 3rd, 2012:

Welcome 2012! Now is a good time to start working on all the changes that I want to see in 2012. Or as a wise man once said: a fool is someone who expects a different outcome even though he hasn’t changed any of his actions. So, let’s get a start on changes! Running in wind and rain is horrible? No way! Get on those trainers and run through the mud. It’s fun! I did it this morning! Welcome change!

I started my blog at a different location (, experimenting with blogging about my running and training experience.

As the year progressed, I noticed however that I wanted to write about more than just running and subsequently I started the Run Eat Life blog.

Between the two blogs, I created 317 posts. That’s more than I could have ever imagined when I started.

If I had to pick a topic that was my favorite to blog about last year, it would have to be the London Olympics 2012. It was a fantastic time being in London, being in the heart of all that happened around the Olympics and Paralympics and taking part wherever I could. If you want to read some of my blogs on my experience last year with London 2012, please go here:

I still get lots of traffic on people looking for photos and comments on the London Olympics and Paralympics and the most viewed pages are the ones with the Tower Bridge – with the Olympics Rings, with the Paralympic Agitos – and Tower Bridge by night. Therefore, I thought I’ll share some of those photos again with you.

We had quite a bit of fun with the Olympic Rings at the Tower Bridge. They weren’t always showing, so we reported them stolen one day to a couple of policemen who looked like they were enjoying talking to silly people like us. Luckily, the London police had it all covered and we were rest assured that in fact they hadn’t been stolen, but were just being retracted when Team GB didn’t win a gold medal it was windy or a ship passed through Tower Bridge and the bridge had to be opened… phew…

During the Olympics we also had special night views and night lights and light shows at the Tower Bridge, so a visit to the Tower Bridge By Night became a regular thing last summer.

And then last but not least, once the Paralympics started, the Olympic Rings were removed the the Paralympic logo – the Agitos – were displayed. Here is what I found out about the Agitos:

The Paralympic swooshes, swishes, things are actually called agitos, which comes from the Latin and means “I move”. The Paralympic symbol represents  the Paralympic motto “Spirit in Motion”. The colors (red, blue, green) were chosen as they are most commonly used in national flags.

paralympics - tower-bridge - agitos



Taking a break…

After 5 days of non-stop action at the Paralympics and a day out to search for Wenlocks and Mandevilles, I need a break.

Taking a break at Tower Bridge

I took over 450 photos just in the last 2 days.

Taking photos in the Olympic Park

Sunday at the Olympic Park was full of action. We got to see so many different sports: Goalball, 5-a-side Football, Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis and hours of excitement in the Olympic Stadium. So watch out for my next post on this.

And, yes, my break will include a run today. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


Tower Bridge and the Paralympic Agitos

A quick trip to the Tower Bridge revealed that the Olympic Rings have been removed and replaced by the Paralympic symbol.

The Paralympic swooshes, swishes, things are actually called agitos, which comes from the Latin and means I move. The Paralympic symbol represents  the Paralympic motto “Spirit in Motion”.

The colors (red, blue, green) were chosen as they are most commonly used in national flags.

Anyway, so if you were wondering – like I was – why there is a 2-week break between the Olympics and the Paralympics, I know the answer.

All Olympic symbols across official Olympic/Paralympic venues had to be replaced by Paralympic symbols. That is a task in itself. 🙂


Tower Bridge by night – without Olympic Rings

What!!?! I hear you shout? Without the Olympic rings? Who wants to see Tower Bridge like this??

Get over it! 🙂 I told you before, sometimes the Olympic rings are there and sometimes they aren’t. The day we went out to take night pictures the Tower Bridge was without Olympic rings again. Actually, that’s not quite correct. The Olympic rings were there, just retracted or folded up underneath the top of the bridge.

This time I actually asked  several policemen about the rings: Why are the Olympic rings not showing at Tower Bridge today?

Here are the answers I received (you’ll see why I had to ask several policemen…):

  • It’s too windy today.
  • The British Team didn’t win a gold medal today.
  • There may be a ship coming through sometime later.
  • Someone stole them, we have already written a report.

There you go. The mystery about the missing Olympic rings at Tower Bridge all solved. Now, I let you see my photos. 🙂



Olympic Rings at the Tower Bridge

Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don’t…

You most likely have seen this image on TV or on the internet or – gasp – in a newspaper…

Actually, you probably have see the picture without me. LOL.

The Olympic Rings hanging from Tower Bridge. You may have seen them in the sunshine or lit up at night. And so have I. So yesterday I wanted to see them “live”.

Guess how confused I looked when I first glanced over Tower Bridge and saw this:

You can see the Tower Bridge in the background, but where are the Olympic Rings?

Looking at Tower Bridge from the Tower of London it looked like this:

Still no rings. Then I found them:

They were retracted under the Tower Bridge. Great view though looking up Tower Bridge and seeing the Olympic Rings. 🙂

I even found out why the Olympic Rings have been retracted. This is being done every time the Tower Bridge opens.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking the rings are there all the time. Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don’t…

Happy Olympics!