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Inner Power

I read a beautiful post by Maria Shriver on her blog on Inner Power. It made me stop and think about my inner power.

We all have tremendous power within ourselves. We have the power to make ourselves happy or sad. We have the power to make our family and friends feel great or bad about themselves. A few mis-placed words can make a huge difference to other people. We have the power to help each other, to lift each other up, to support each other to excel.

Power doesn’t just come from status and money. Inner power comes from wanting to dream, wanting to make our friends and family lead successful lives and support them all the way. Inner power comes from small steps taken to make this world a better place, from fundraising for a cause dear to your heart, helping your neighbors out when they are in need, building a  well in a country where it’s needed, giving a passer-by a smile.

Don’t take your inner power lightly. Use it to change the world!



My Daily Promise to Myself

promisesBack in October I introduced you to my To Be List. I have slacked a little on compiling this list every evening, but I am ready to go back to this practice. Breaking my foot has left me more vulnerable, dependent and helpless than I am comfortable with. What a way to get out of your comfort zone…

I am finding now that I have many tools to keep me positive and motivated during this time. And one of them is my to be list. So I decided to start the day with a different routine from now on.

I will wake up every morning and start with the following commitments:

I make a promise to myself to

honor my to be list and focus on happy and energized and whatever else is needed that day.

be creative and create something new every day.

be strong and resourceful and overcome obstacles with creativity and flexibility.

be appreciative and remember that, yes, a broken foot sucks, but there is still plenty to be grateful for.

take time for myself and enjoy the things I don’t often take time for, like reading a good book, writing a poem or indulging in a really bad TV show.

Just writing these promises makes me actually really happy. 🙂

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Personal Transformation Part 4 – My Inner Critic

Over the last few weeks – as part of the Playing Big Program – I have been working on My Inner Critic.

One of the surprising things I learned about my Inner Critic is that she (yes, in my case it’s a “she”) shows up most loudly when I start making plans that take me outside my comfort zone.

I have always heard my Inner Critic, but until I started the coaching program, I never realized how she shows up during the times where I need to make a leap. A leap of faith mostly. Outside of my comfort zone. I now have a much better understanding of how to talk to my Inner Critic. My Inner Critic is trying to protect me as I try to leave my safe zone, but now I have learned to say: “Thank you, my Inner Critic, for your concern. But I have this covered.”

There is so much more to learn about the Inner Critic and if you want to learn a little more why not start here with an Inner Critic 101 from Tara Sophia Mohr:


My to be list

As part of my personal transformation, I wanted to find tools that help me on my journey of discovery, on my journey to play big.

I create daily to do lists and I am pretty efficient getting things done. Why can’t I use this tool to remind me of who I want to be and how I want to be?

As these thoughts were going through my head, I came across this timely blog post on how to create a to be list. Every day is different. Every day demands another part of you, so just like a daily to do list, a to be list can change daily.

I am sharing with you my first written to be list. This is what I wanted to be the day after I wrote this list:

  • happy
  • focused
  • energized
  • positive

In the morning I read this list out loud again and reminded myself of how I wanted to be that day.

I now keep a small notebook with me where on most days I write down my to be list for the day. Try it!


Personal Transformation Part 3 – Playing Big

My plan of attack in my personal transformation is to look at my transformation from all different sides and explore.

I want to find out what’s holding me back to create a career path that works for me. I want to create a life path that is authentically me. 

In order to get some guidance and tools to explore and learn, and have the support of other women who are on the same spiritual journey, I recently signed up for the Playing Big program created by Tara Sophia Mohr. I am not expecting to get all the answers from this program, but I am hoping to learn to hear my own voice and make it heard.

Deirdre Walsh interviewed Tara Sophia Mohr on (amongst others) what Playing Big means. Here is an excerpt that speaks to me profoundly:

[…] in our culture people think that playing big comes from working hard or striving to be bigger. It comes from puffing up our chest and putting on a great performance. It comes from succeeding in a very worldly sense that takes a kind of effort or performance. And I think that in many ways the opposite is true.  That actually playing big, achieving great things, having remarkable success, having amazing, creative offerings that get produced through us and flow out into the world through us, leading with impact.  Anything that we might define as playing big – that that is actually what happens naturally when we undo some of the blocks and limitations that life has put in us, and when we simply tap into our authentic desires. [..]

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Personal Transformation Part 2 – Think Big

Many times I have been given advise that goes along the lines of: don’t tackle too many issues at one time, don’t try to change too many things at the same time. I tried to honor this advise for most of my life, but it doesn’t work! This is not a good piece of advise! It is true for certain circumstances, but it just won’t work when you try to transform yourself.

The way to go is: Think Big! Find out what is important to you. Create your vision. Create your dreams. If you are looking for a personal transformation you will soon notice that you need to work on more than one project. You may need to look into switching careers. You may have to start creating a new network that allows you to meet the people who can help you with your transformation and to reach your goals.

Exploring all this at the same time creates momentum and you may discover that there is an interconnection between the people you need to meet to reach your transformation.

Let me share with you what I mean.

My personal transformation is centered around three topics: professional career, getting involved in a caring community and creating a network of friends that will help me during this process. Last week I went to a professional networking event where I met amazing people who shared my idea of being involved in a caring community. We clicked instantly and are now planning charity events for a cause that is dear to us. If I hadn’t opened myself up to work on different aspects of my life, I may have not gone to this event (if my focus had been on community only) or I may not have sought the conversation with these amazing people (if I had looked for career development contacts only).

I truly believe when you Think Big, magic happens and you create a momentum that makes you open to meet the people you need to meet to follow your personal transformation.

Dream Big!