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Travel Theme: Walls #2

I really like the Walls travel theme, so I am on to post number two. As I was cleaning out another photo folder yesterday, I saw these pictures I took earlier this month in Camden and thought, they fit the theme perfectly.

I was walking around Camden High Street and Camden market with my brother earlier this month and took a number of photos of art objects hanging on house walls across Camden High Street.

The cat is my favorite, what’s yours?



Travel Theme: Walls

I have missed a couple of Ailsa’s travel themes recently, but this week I am back. I love this theme: Walls.

In December I took another walk around London’s Brick Lane. You should most certainly add Brick Lane to your agenda of any of your trips to London. It’s a beautiful area that has transformed tremendously in the past years. Don’t just go there for the weekend market, go during the week and enjoy the small local shops, boutiques and galleries. And of course don’t forget your camera to take photos of the amazing street art that you can find pretty much on any wall in this area.

Here is a small selection of the street art I found on walls in and around Brick Lane:

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Travel Theme – Transportation

Transportation is a fun and open topic. Ailsa posted this as her travel theme this week at Where’s my backpack.

A few years back I traveled to Ecuador. Part of the fun, of course, was crossing the equator. There are plenty of touristy opportunities that also let you try to balance an egg right on the equator or see if the water really moves differently depending on if you are in the southern or northern hemisphere.

But the best part – and far less traveled road – was the mountain bike trip we took down from the Volcano Pichincha. It was a rough ride. It rained a lot the night before. There was mud all around. The Land Rover that took us up the mountain got stuck in the mud. And I’d love to make the next part up, but this is what really happened: we got pulled out of the mud by a dumpster truck.

As we finally got up the volcano, we were greeted by stunning views over the Andes Mountains and we started our descent, where we covered a 1800-meter altitude change over a 38km route.

One of my favorite parts of this trip was that we crossed the equator in the middle of nowhere on a muddy dirt road by bike.



Travel Theme – Circles

I am loving this week’s travel theme from Where is my backpack: Circles.

I took plenty of photos this summer of the Olympics and as I am – still – trying to sort through them and am trying to decide which ones will make my photobooks (books, yes, I don’t think it will be just one book…), I found this one: perfect for this week’s theme.

Olympic Rings


Travel Theme: Liquid

It’s been raining for days and I haven’t been running since my race in San Antonio two weeks ago. Both of this makes me cranky. I can certainly do something about the running…

This past Sunday we were blessed with a blue sunny sky and I thought I’d romance my running path by walking it. Lots of puddles on the path and I thought this was a great view for Ailsa’s weekly travel theme, liquid this week.

My hiking shoes are a little muddy now, but they’ve got a big smile on them. ­čÖé

puddles in the fall


Travel Theme: Bright

This week’s travel theme is bright, which is rather fitting as we changed clocks and the mornings are much brighter again.

I love the vibrant colors of fresh vegetables. They remind me of all the right reasons to eat healthy and fresh food. I took these pictures at a local market just recently to remind myself that even in the fall and winter, we can find fresh produce (maybe not all the ones I took photos of. LOL).