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These clouds…

Alrighty, I have been complaining about the rain for a while. Well, exactly 3 weeks if anyone is counting…

This weekend I had friends in town and we ventured out to East London to check out the progress with the Olympic Stadium and then on to Royal Greenwich – the banners posted along the streets were very clear on the ROYAL, so I am making sure I call it out correctly…

Anyway, back to my topic: rain and clouds.

While there I caught some great clouds for you on camera, so all of you far away in tropical fields can see why I have been not quite the happy runner recently. By the way, I do like clouds in photos. They make pictures moody.

Mean clouds over the London Olympic Stadium

These were the clouds we caught just as the rain stopped. The Olympic Stadium looked like it would be swept away by these clouds. By the way, reinstated their accurate forecasts for London. When I checked in the morning, they said the rain will stop at 3pm. Lo and behold, at 3pm the rain stopped and… gasp… we even caught a little bit of blue sky.

View over London from the Royal Greenwich Park

This view is from the top of Greenwich Park, near the Royal Observatory. See the city and the new Shard building in the background? I always love the view over London from Greenwich Park. And I hope you noticed the blue sky peeking out from the clouds!

A promise for better weather to come!

A happy runner again! 🙂

A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.
~ Marcel Proust



Snow creaking

Coming home from the pub last night (yes, good carbs in a good beer!)  it started snowing again. We all got excited and I was hoping that the snow would hold up overnight, so I could do another run in the snow.

Lo and behold, there was a powdery layer of snow on the ground this morning. Perfect for another joyful fun run.

I love the sound of the snow as it creaks when you run over it. Beautiful. It was really peaceful this morning. There were swans on the river and a lone rower, some other happy runners and dog walkers. Just perfect.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.
~ John Ruskin

Snow along the river


Brrr… cold

I got very excited this morning about the prospect of snow.

My early morning habit of checking the weather app revealed a red warning note: “High disruption due to snow and ice”.  YES, I thought, finally a run in the snow!

A look outside,  however, showed a disappointing reality of greyness and dullness. Oh, well, back to bed… zzzzz…


Weather? What weather?

I noticed I have a new weird habit.

As I wake up every morning, my first thought goes towards the weather. Not my family, not my friends, not even my own disposition, no. The Weather! As I reach to turn off the alarm on my BlackBerry, I automatically reach for the weather app.

Rain? Another 10 minutes of sleep. Sun? Up and out I go.

Not much other than rain comes between me and my running. 🙂

Refuse to accept the many reasons why it can’t be done and ask if there are any reasons that it can be done.

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Twiddling my thumbs…

Eek. It’s raining this morning. Seriously? Don’t be a wimp, you say. Go to the gym, you say. Here is the crunch. I am only 4 miles away from reaching the next level on my NIKE+ profile. How can I not go out and run??  [Here I should note that there is a pod that came with my NIKE+ GPS watch that – if I had calibrated it during the past 4 months – I could have used in the gym. Darn procrastination!]

So, I am going to be patient and go for a run during lunch time when the sun surely will come back out! Maybe I should take the opportunity to take my pod and calibrate it, too… 🙂

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Oh gloomy Monday morning

“Sunny” says the weather forecast this morning. Another obvious lie. I mean I can look right out of my window to see it’s not sunny. I wonder if the weather people do that sometimes, look out of the window…

Here I am not really feeling the love for running right this morning. But I hear this nagging voice in my head saying: “you will feel better after the run”. I am not really buying into it this morning. The softer voice says: “just stay in bed this one morning”. Oh what a deceitful voice! We all know if this one wins, it will never be “just this one morning”. Alrighty, the nagging voice wins and yes, you do want to hear it: I am feeling much better for having run this morning. 🙂

Maybe the weather people are right after all. It’s a matter of perspective. You can find some sun this morning, if not outside then at least in your mind after a refreshing run!


"Potential disruption due to snow and ice"

OK, a look out of the window speaks a thousand words or so the saying goes. The weather report warns me of snow and ice, but all I can see is blue sky and sun. What other kind of motivation do I need to out on my trainers and go out there. Plenty of runners out there (who obviously haven’t read the weather report) and I hear “good morning” all around. I haven’t seen that many smiles though in a few weeks. Let’s hope the weather disruption keeps on being delayed.

Smile on!