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Every body needs a different diet

This morning I received another installment of Healthtalks in my inbox. I wanted to share this video with you, because what these 4 lovely healthy ladies have to say is important.

Everybody and literally every body needs a different diet. There is no diet that fits all. Our bodies need to be balanced and that balance can look different at different times in our lives. The ladies who are running Healthtalks all eat differently and they all have different experiences with their diets.That’s what makes this video very amazing to watch.

One thing they all have in common is eating whole foods, healthful foods. Nothing that is processed. One of the ladies calls it “conscious cuisine“, which I think is beautiful.


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Eating my way through Austin, Texas

I used to live in Austin, Texas. So every time I visit now, I want to eat at all my favorite places. I usually don’t get to hit up all places. This time though I managed to get to quite a few.

Mighty Fine – I actually don’t go for the burgers (don’t tell my friends!), I love the fries and their shakes!

Chuy’s – You can’t not go to Chuy’s while you are in Austin. That just would be wrong on all different kind of levels. So I went twice, You can’t beat the Chick Chicka Boom Boom. And don’t forget to order the creamy jalapeno dip with your chips.

kerby lane pumpkin pancakes

I couldn’t finish my pumpkin pancakes at Kerby Lane’s.

Kerby Lane – Breakfast at Kerby Lane’s and right in time for my favorite pancake season: pumpkin pancakes.

Amy’s ice-cream – I am not a big fan of vanilla ice-cream, too boring really. But the Mexican vanilla ice-cream at Amy’s makes a vanilla ice-cream lover out of me.

Whole Foods – Their salad and other food bars are just amazing. The one in London is trying to, but is just not getting there. So I got my fix here.

Cafe Mozart – On Lake Austin. I love the coffee and the atmosphere. It’s always full of people reading, chatting, studying. I think this would be a great place to write a novel.

El Arroyo – They nearly freaked me out. New menu and my favorite wasn’t on it. But as I asked about their BBQ Chicken Quesadilla they were happy to make them, being on the menu or not.

Rudys BBQ spicy chopped beef breakfast tacos

Yummy! Spicy chopped beef breakfast tacos at Rudy’s BBQ

Rudy’s BBQ – I couldn’t leave Austin without having my very favorite breakfast tacos: spicy chopped beef tacos. Yummy!

I missed out on a few other favorite places, but I am happy to have gotten to all of these in just over a week. 🙂 Of course, I am about 5 pounds heavier now. LOL. And of course, my healthy eating plan was suspended for my time in Austin! Though I discovered flavored oatmeal and brought back a whole bunch of them.

Happy eating!


Kingston Breakfast Run: we belong…

Yesterday, my running buddy S and I ran the Kingston Breakfast Run. it was actually a really good race. Meant to be another training run in preparation for the Edinburgh and San Diego races. The goal was to run the 8 miles in half marathon goal pace. Check!

Kingston Breakfast Run: my running buddy S and I

The day started off with S and I wondering if we belonged into this race… I don’t think I have ever been to a race where I couldn’t spot a Superman, a running banana or someone in a pink tutu. Everyone looked super fit and super athletic. There were a lot of running club jerseys. It was a little bit intimidating… at first.

Then the start went off and S and I got going. We comfortably stuck with the running club crowd falling into an easy pace. I was surprised how easy the run seemed. I averaged a 10.08 minute/mile pace, but felt I had a lot more power in me. In fact, this was actually a faster pace than last week’s 10k. As we crossed the finish line, S and I definitely knew: We belong!

A mark-down on the race is that there were no port-a-potties on the route. It was a 8/16-mile race running the 8-mile course either once or twice.

the trophy

That seems to be quite a distance for not providing loos. The other thing I wasn’t too impressed with was the water-stops. There were 2 on the route, but they were just too close to each other. It felt like they were close to mile marker 4 and 5. That just didn’t help with hydration.

On the plus, the route was great. Flat. It was very well organized (bar the missing toilets and the water stops) and the Whole Foods goodie bag wasn’t too shabby.

No medal though, but a mug as a commemorative trophy.

13 days to go to the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon! YEAH!


What's tickling your gum?

Yesterday, I read Julia’s fitness blog  The one with the artificial sweetener… where she talks about not having had pop/soda/soft drinks (whatever tickles your gum) for a while.

It reminded me that I haven’t had any either since I started on my healthy eating crusade. You may remember my blog on  5 Foods for February. I have been focusing on eating more healthy and working toward a flatter tummy this month.

I didn’t even notice I ditched soft drinks. There wasn’t even a plan around this. It just happened. As I moved more toward whole foods and organic, the soft drink aisle was just not in my path. I remember when I had a Diet Cherry Coke last, it kept me awake all night.

So accidentally, I started pop/soda/soft drink anonymous. 🙂

It seems better not drinking fizzy drinks even for running. I feel much less bloated (maybe the flax-seed helps, too) and the thought of a Diet Coke with or without cherry does not tickle my gum anymore…

The health of people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their power as a state depend.
~ Benjamin Disraeli


Love and Nurture your Body Day

I am not one for Hallmark holidays, so Valentine’s Day does not feature in my life. However, I do like the notion of showing love.

Therefore, today I declare the 14th of February the Love and Nurture your Body Day. In celebration of this day, I headed over to my local health and whole foods store to stock up on some wholesome foods. As I was exploring the store (though the store is just a short walk away I hadn’t really spent any time in there until I recently decided to eat more healthy and wholesomely), I found their tea collection (I am a coffee and tea lover!). And here it was, the perfect LNYBD present.

Happy sipping! 🙂

Chocolate flake tea

Chocolate flake tea - Happy LNYBD!